The little world of Cafe Petite

As our mini tour of Café Petite draws closer to an end I thought it only necessary to recap on our experience so far. So welcome to a little slice of the tiny world that lies within Café Petite. A few months ago we were delighted to find out we received Arts Council funding to make […]

The Crooked Thicket Creation Space (Crowdfunder)

Wow so I am currently feeling very sick deep in my stomach as we are right in the process of launching our crowdfunder for The Crooked Thicket Creation Space. That’s right we are putting the fate of The Crooked Thicket in your hands and we are asking our crowd to fund the launch of the […]

Re-using and re-inventing!

Ka-Dunk-A-Junk Ka-Dunk-A-Junk. A name which some struggle to pronounce, suggests the combination of rhythms and junk materials. We have heard people describe us as “the trolley people” , silver aliens and spacemen, some children have even been convinced that some of our equipment was a time machine…if only! Ka-Dunk-A-Junk is really a tribe of outsiders […]