The craft of a human statue

So i have just finished reading Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking”. Its got me pretty excited about the whole nature of what it means to be an artist. For those who don’t know about her music or what wonderful stuff she has been up to i would highly recommend watching her Ted Talk video. Ive always been a fan and have followed her music for years but the Ted talk kind of blew me away and i felt so overwhelmed that someone is speaking (loudly) about the issues that all kinds of artists face everyday. In the book and the talk she makes a big reference to her days performing as a human statue. She points out that what she learnt on the street practicing human statue underpins her success as a musician, business person and crowd funding legend. So in a nut shell its inspired me to speak out about the craft of a human statue. What its like to be and know many people who do this for a living. The frustrating thing is that when you search for articles on human statue you come across some really one sided arguments written by journalists who want to “expose the freaks” so to speak. They generally highlight a lot of the downsides to statue-ing and not enough of the life affirming great lessons you learn when statue-ing. When little girls drop sentimental gifts in your hat and a lady hands you £20 because “its raining and i know how hard you people work”. All of these articles are written from the journalists point of view not the artists. So statues its time to speak. Lets get together and make something that we can share with the world. To educate those on what its really like to make this craft work. Lets create an honest portrayal about an art form directly from the artists who craft it themselves. Myself and a group of artist friends are going work on this purely for our own satisfaction and artistic development, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for the video. It will be one to watch, we will follow the likes of Madam Matronic a good friend who makes a full time living from Statue-ing in the Midlands. Pay a visit to The University of Winchester where we first learned the skill of Statue-ing on the Street Arts Degree from Olu Taiwo a senior lecturer at the University and a former human statue. And talk to other statues with a focus away from Covent Garden as its covered so heavily already. Lets discuss how this art form can contribute to society, teach us many beautiful lessons about the power of “asking” not “begging”, having faith in your audience and connecting with people on a personal level. How doing this weird job can be incredibly rewarding and uplifting. Don’t worry though it wont all be sunshine and rainbows, im sure the conversation of being poked, prodded and spat at will come up (for those who are into that)

IDUZ Photography, West Midlands, Madam Matronic

IDUZ Photography, West Midlands, Madam Matronic

The White Lady, Truro, Hotch Potch Performance

The White Lady, Truro, Hotch Potch Performance


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