Seeing is Believing ( a story all about the little people)

Whilst reading imagine you are in a little dining room being served tiny tea and cakes, whilst a talented harpist serenades your visit!

teddysTo begin this story I must tell you a little bit about myself. I Doris have spent most of my life searching for little folk. You know Piskies, fairies, leprechauns, sprites, spriggins whatever you want to call them. Over the years I have become an expert on little folk found all around the world. I have searched caves, coves cracks, the end of rainbows, up tree branches and down mouse holes. Because I know they’re real and I’ll tell you why. When I was a wee girl I had a dolls house. It was extraordinary. It was a big old traditional Victorian house that my great great great great Grandmother had passed down. The detail inside the dolls house was something else. There was a tiny kitchen with all the things a regular sized kitchen would have, the bathroom had towels and tiny soaps and the bedrooms; all the appropriate furnishings and even tiny clothes hanging up in the wardrobe. I loved it so, but my mother would never let me play with it. “Its not a toy” she would yell as I sat down every morning hoping to introduce my tattered dolls to the wonderful house. After months and months of attempting to play with this dolls house I eventually grew tired of my mother scolding me every time and just gave up. Then one morning before school I was gathering my things and I heard a very soft and quiet sneeze coming from the dolls house. It was so quiet that at first I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me, but never the less I proceeded over to the house and sat down in front to have a look. I couldn’t see a thing but as I inspected closely I discovered the little kitchen was a terrible mess, the dishes were piled up, food was splattered all over and there were various different pots and pans with a strange green goo inside them. Before I got the chance to comprehend what I had just seen my mother was pulling me by the hand and pushing me out the door “time for school” she yelled and slammed the front door. All day in school I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen in the dolls house in that little kitchen. Who and what were living in my great great great great grandmothers dolls house and what were they making? I dared not tell anyone in school that day, because I knew what I saw but I could hardly believe it myself. I rushed home that afternoon and sat down at the dolls house. The little kitchen – now spic and span was looking even tidier than before, all the dishes had been washed and put away and the floor was spotless, nothing remained except a wee bowl with a tiny note attached. I quickly snatched up the bowl and note and took it to my room. I had to dig out my magnifying glass to read the note as the hand writing was ever so small. It said “rub this ointment on your eye lids to see more clearly” Strange I thought, but being the impressionable child I was I rubbed a bit on each eye lid. When I opened my eyes I felt much the same but I gradually started to see more and more little folk around my bedroom there were little people no bigger than my finger climbing up my bed linen, hanging off the light, making little beds in the pockets of my clothes and racing around with my toy cars and trains. I couldn’t believe it there were little people everywhere. I rushed outside of my house into the garden and would you believe it, there were little people running along the washing line, making tiny little houses in the trees and even flying around on birds backs. I walked around for hours just speechless and amazed by how clever they were. Eventually the ointment wore off and the little people began to fade. I couldn’t see them anymore but I knew they were real it’s just that our eyes can’t see them. I rushed back to my room but on the way to my horror I passed my mother in the kitchen washing up the wee bowl that had the ointment in it and the little note was on the top of the rubbish bin. “Nooo” I cried “What have you done….my magic ointment” She peered at me very confused and carried on washing up. I ran to my room, so upset I stayed there all evening sobbing away. Eventually I cheered myself up realising that the little people must have wanted me to see them to make and leave me the ointment with the note. That night I made a plan, I decided from then on I would devote my time to learning more about little people and began my long journey with the hope that one day I would be able to see them again. I travelled the world discovering that each culture had little people of their own. Of course what I really wanted to discover was how to make that magic green goo that made me see the little people. I travelled far and wide when I came to Cornwall – a land which has a wealth of mythological beings particularly little folk and giants. I discovered here in Cornwall that to make the magic ointment one must collect four leaf clovers in the full moon for the potion. There are a few other things that must be added……ah but I cant share those with you….. that would be telling a little too much. And I have spent my life trying to get the potion right… im almost there a few more full moons and im sure I will have it. Of course on my travels I did discover some other ways to see the little folk and one that some people believe is to eat and drink the tiniest of portions of every day meals .For to see a little person you get inside the mind of a little person. For they have a great way of life and we could learn a thing or two from them. What we see as small an insignificant they see as a treasure- a crum to us is a meal to them. So as we send you back into the big world don’t forget to look out for the little things in life, because sometimes they are the most important.


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