The Legend of The Long Tall Butler

A short story from our show Café Petite.


                                                                     The Legend of The Long Tall Butler


Now we know many stories of giants, around these parts we are led to believe that giants are responsible for creating the likes of stone circles, huge rock pathways and big mounts way out to sea- just off our peninsula. Unfortunately Giants of the past havnt had a great reputation. They were known to wipe out farmers livestock within minutes, wreak havoc all around and even gobble up little children. But this story is not just about a torturous giant but one who wants nothing more than to help other people. This is the legend of the long tall butler- and how he came to be.

Our butler- although its hard to imagine was never given a name for he was born into this world alone. His father was the legendary giant Cormoran. Cormoran was a horrible man who lived up to all the beastly expectations of a menacing giant, He was mean to the core and the people of Cornwall were all terrified of him. One day Cormoran decided he would build a fortress for himself which is now known as St Michaels Mount. This would allow him to keep watch over the people of Marizon and Penzance- it’s no surprise he had made a lot of enemies. Legend has it he had his wife Cormelian carried rocks on her back for miles to build St Michaels Mount. Now Cormelian was a bit of a mystery for she had a kind soul and people say she was a wonderful baker. She would magic up the most delicious and enormous cakes laced in soft and fluffy cream and icing. She was especially good at the Victoria sponge and was never hasty with the jam. Children would come running from miles just to gaze at a cake, of course they could never get close to the huge cakes which were the size of a bus- as Cormoran was always looming nearby. One day a brave young boy from the local village decided he was going to put Cormorans torturous ways to an end. He set a trap at the base of St Michael’s Mount- a huge hole for the giant to fall into. There are many of different rumours about how Cormoran was killed but to tell you the truth a little bit gruesome at this time of the day, so we wont get into that. What we do know for sure is that he was gone for good and his terrorising was now over. What the local people didn’t know was that his wife Cormellian was with child and just as Cormorans life was coming to an end his own son was being brought into this world. The story goes that because Cormoran died this broke the magic spell that kept them so huge and strong and Cormellian began to get smaller. She got small enough for a seagull to fly off with her. In fact she was so tiny that no one saw the little baby that was clinging to her fall from the sky and into the sea. Now although we are led to believe that killing Cormoran had broken the magic spell. With new life comes the strength of a miracle and whatever magic was still in the air must have been caught by the little baby because he took to the water just like a fish- he had unusually long legs, which aided his swimming well. He swam the whole coast of Cornwall for years- befriending dolphins and basking sharks. He eventually grew to be a bit of giant himself but luckily his temperament was nothing like his fathers, he was gentle and kind but lonely and longed to be with people and of course find out who he was and where had he come from. When he finally resurfaced and made a home for himself in Penzance the local people were wary of him as they could see the resemblance of his late father. When they saw him coming they would look up at him with fearful and concerning eyes. You see our Butler was nothing compared to the size of his father but he was still a giant of sorts and the local people knew he wasn’t of their kind. After trying to fit in for so long he decided to take to the sea again. For he had many friends deep under water who were hoping he would soon return. One night as he walked towards the prom in the light of the moon, he overheard some sailors who were gathered in a nearby ale house. They were telling stories of mean old giants and mentioned that they had seen a strange character around town who very much resembled the meanest giant of all Cormoran. Our Butler raised an eyebrow and towered over to the building- he needed to know more. He perched himself on a nearby wall and listened closely as the sailors drank the night away- they swapped stories about Cormoran and how he destroyed the land and gobbled up sheep and cows. He couldn’t understand how his own father could be so menacing but he learned that he had a mother too and she was a kind soul….just like him. Then and there he made a decision not to spend the rest of his days in the sea but to live his life out on land making up for his father’s wrong doings. He decided that he would help people for the rest of his life, he would practice good manners, bring those all they needed and work hard spreading joy. Cormoran’s reign of terror was over but The Long Tall Butler’s life time of kindness had just begun.


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