The little world of Cafe Petite


As our mini tour of Café Petite draws closer to an end I thought it only necessary to recap on our experience so far. So welcome to a little slice of the tiny world that lies within Café Petite. A few months ago we were delighted to find out we received Arts Council funding to make Café Petite. So we planned a mini tour which spread mostly across Cornwall and Somerset. We were really blessed to work on some stories with the U3A (University of the third age) in Redruth, this gave us the opportunity to hear about some well known Cornish tales from the older generation and distinguish how its important to give these old Celtic myths a new lease of life. So I worked on the old stories and brought in some new ideas, introducing some new characters who linked in with the old well known ones.  Apart from telling stories of a Cornish nature we of course offer a very charming table service staying true to the theme of miniature. Our Long Tall Butler meanders around finding guests who are brave enough to enter our curious little world and a stringed acoustic musician serenades your visit. We like to leave audiences with a very sincere message, that things aren’t always as they seem. Although giants may appear to be scary, if we get to know one we might learn that they are gentle and kind and the pesky pixies we hear so much about may be able to teach us a valuable lesson about appreciating the smaller things in life. We have had very insightful and incredibly different experiences performing Café Petite at Wild Tribe Children’s Festival in Plymouth, Somerset’s Wildlife Trust Fete, Port Eliot FestivalWatchet Carnival with Fuse Performance and Holifair Family Festival. We have taken something very special away from each one and will continue to develop these ideas. A special memory that comes to mind first is from Holifair Festival in Gweek (check out Holifeild Farm Project, they are doing some really wonderful stuff). When we were packing up to leave on Monday morning- a family walked past with some food they had just bought. The youngest- a little girl (who had been in to Café Petite just the day before) was explaining to her brother that she was going to keep some of her breakfast for the little people, then she went on to explain that they absolutely were real, she was sure of it and she was keeping just a bit for them to eat. Sometimes its just the very little things that can bring a smile to your face after a long weekend. It was a lovely reminder of why we do what we do. 

Next year we hope to allow the café to grow (just a bit) by bringing in some new cuisine, working with local food and nutrition innovators and providing an extra special experience for all. Just see The Long Tall Butler to book a table. You can catch Café Petite at Shambala Festival 21st- 24th of August. Why not pop in for a tiny tea and a story! 

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