The Crooked Thicket Creation Space (Crowdfunder)

Wow so I am currently feeling very sick deep in my stomach as we are right in the process of launching our crowdfunder for The Crooked Thicket Creation Space. That’s right we are putting the fate of The Crooked Thicket in your hands and we are asking our crowd to fund the launch of the Creation Space. Despite the absolute terror its a wonderful place for us to be. The Crooked Thicket is the regeneration of a beautifully wild and underused space here in Cornwall. We have an ambitious dream to transform this old organic poultry farm into a fully functional venue to facilitate emergent outdoor practitioners whilst offering a service to those in need. From previous blogs you can see that I am absolutely in love with making work outdoors and without the community it wouldn’t happen. As a performer, artist and human im thrilled by the unpredictable forces of nature and just love making work outdoors mostly because of the spontaneous, “take your moment and go for it” attitude you have to adopt. As a street performer you become a very fearless open person, ready for anything and you absolutely put your trust in your audience. So asking our network to fund what we are doing is not an unfamiliar feeling. Its actually the heart and sole of what we do. We moved to Cornwall over a year ago as graduates, scratching our heads and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives. We took a look around the farm and envisioned a mulit-functional space to support those who dedicate their lively hood to engaging others with the outdoors through play, the arts and education. We have spent the last year devoting our time to a project which we believe can benefit so many people in the local and wider community. Please get behind our project and help us to make great things happen in a wonderfully wild space. Please look at our rewards, pledge and share this with everyone you know! This has been an incredible fulfilling and exciting journey for us so far, this is your chance to become part of that.

Take a look at our video, we are going live within the next few days be ready to pledge and if you have anymore questions about how to be involved or support The Crooked Thicket Creation Space you can get in contact here;


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